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Start taking yourself seriously!

Who am I? What kind of life would I like to lead?

30 days, 30 tasks, 1 powerful change

Are fears, self-doubt & negative thoughts keeping you from taking the important steps toward your goals?What if you knew who you really ARE, what you really WANT and what you really CAN achieve?
You have the feeling to drown in your everyday life?
You can’t find a way out of your routines? You find it difficult to deal with yourself and to feel pride for yourself?

Self-love and self-acceptance are values that no one should hide. Because it is about learning to love your own strengths and weaknesses and to shape your life according to your own needs.

For one month, you can expect daily and weekly tasks that build on each other.
Self-reflection, self-knowledge and a little kick in the butt will help you to get to know the person in the mirror better.

Don’t put off your happiness any longer, show the world who you are!

Discover the advantages of your coaching box:

High quality card set

Every day a lovingly designed card provides new aha moments and personal development.

Many great goodies

In your box you will find many surprises that will make your task even more unique. Besides a personalized notebook, a bracelet and sweets, other great surprises are waiting for you

Psychologically based system

Look forward to 30 proven, deep and sometimes crazy tasks with a lot of depth.

Community support

Connect with many other participants in the exclusive EinfachDu community.

Access to further exciting actions

The Coaching Box is intended to be the cornerstone for your personal development. If you want to continue to work on yourself after the 30 days and need support, you have the opportunity to participate in workshops, coaching sessions and other products.

Get to know yourself with play and ease

Step 1

Draw a card every day

Step 2

Fulfill the task

Step 3

Feel the change

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The people behind it

EinfachDu - That's us

Our coaching cards combine many years of experience in a reliable and effective product. Together, we have made it our mission to make valuable and scientifically based coaching available to the widest possible target group. Because we are convinced: The more people grow personally and lead a fulfilled life, the better our world becomes.

In addition, the system of coaching cards offers you the advantage that you always look forward to the next day and thus remain motivated in the long term. This is THE secret for any sustainable change and strong personal development.


Bundled creativity. Attention to detail. Our queen when it comes to designing, formatting and elaborating.


Dreamer. With the courage to make. Our head and the heart of the team, our founder. Content, design & organization are in Melly’s hands.


Bundle of energy. With a penchant for dreaming. Our little creative head. Content and new product ideas are Anne’s agenda.